10 Secret About Lotus

Garden of India is famous for its colorful flowers. Colorful in every season here, Scented flowers bloom. All flowers have their own separate beauty and have their own importance. In these flowers One flower from lotus is our national flower.

The lotus blooms in the mud but does not accept the qualities of the mud. Living in dirty water It also maintains its beauty. Its roots remain under water and the heart above the pedicle Shaped lotus flower blooms. It is a large flower. Its color is pink. his The leaves are round. The pulp inside the lotus stalk makes him laugh.

Lotus flower The lakes And bloom in ponds. The lotus flower is a symbol of Indian culture. It indicates progress. Living in dirty water It also maintains its beauty. Its blossoming form gives us the message that always lotus Keep feeding your heart like that. be happy always.

Attract everyone with the beauty of your actions. Poets have imitated lotus since ancient times to depict one's beauty. like Lotus-face, lotus-phase, hand-lotus, lotus-nayan etc. The eyes of Shri Ramchandra ji are his mother Neel-Kamal used to say. The lotus is a very soft flower.

It is called the lover of the sun. It blossoms as soon as the sun rises Goes and closes as soon as it sets. Bhanwere is very attracted by the lotus flower. this They sit in it to eat its juice and when the lotus flower stops when the sun is hiding If it is, then Bhramar also stops in it.

Bhramar's love for Kamal is unique. He exit But he does not bite it but waits for the sun to come out. Lotus is a superior for its color and qualities Flower is. That is why it has the distinction of being a national flower. is. We should learn from this that we remain good even in bad company.

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