Welcome back everyone this is going to be my new guardians of the galaxy 3 article james gunn revealed somenew hidden easter eggs so i'll break it all down.

5. If you don't know what's going on this past week james gunn revealed some more secret easter eggs from guardians of the galaxy movies there has been an on going contest that he put the fans to find as many easter eggs as possible claiming that no one had discovered all the easter eggs yet just because his knowledge of comic books and film is so deep he bakes in so many easter eggs into the backgrounds of hismarvel movies that it takes years to find them all the first guardians 3 easter egg actually starts with guardians 2. 
So in this scene here where the guardians are being chased by the sovereign after their first big fight they wind up crash landing on the planet burr herd, bur herd is actually an anagram for herbert as in herbert wyndham aka the high evolutionary we haven't seen him before in the marvel cinematic universe he's been one of the rumored big marvel face four villains that they'll introduce at some point there are a lot of really weird s-tier marvel villains from the comics that they haven't done in the movies that have been rumored for marvel phase four the high evolutionary is just one of them just because of the way he's tied to the guardians of the galaxy if you haven't watched any of the animated series disney did an animated guardians of the galaxy show after the first movie blew up they actually did a version of the high evolutionary on that series they got involved with adam warlock and the guardians so even though adam warlock is being pitched as one of the villains of guardians 3. technically he's not a villain at all he's just an antagonist for a little while because in the comics he's actually a pretty good character and becomes a member of the guardians of the galaxy eventually. 
4. James gunn said a long time ago that rocket raccoon was one of the most important characters and guardians of the galaxy 3 and the movie would be the culmination of the original cast's story arcs in the trilogy so some of the cast members might not return for future marvel movies some of them probably will come back though like chris pratt said that he wants to be in as many marvel movies as they'll have him for sowhat ever they do in the future of marvel phase 4 marvel phase 5 chris pratt will come back as star-lord, (Yes you of course of course of course) all that really funny thor asgardians of the galaxy stuff will carry over into guardians 3 as well but i think it's going to be relatively minor based on the way they're talking about it they have shuffled some of the way that story is going to play out too because originally guardians 3 was supposed to be released before thor 4 love and thunder now it's the other way around so it'll all make a little more sense i'll do more thor 4 article in the future too talking about what's going on with asgardians of the galaxy stuff because it's a little bits eparate from this easter egg video but james gunn said that dealing with past trauma is a big part of all their different story arcs most of the focus has been on peter quill's childhood trauma of losing his mother and not knowing who his father was they dealt with that primarily during the first guardians movie in guardians of the galaxy 2 with ego the living planet. 
So heading into guardians 3 they're just focusing more on rocket and some of the other characters like nebula and gamora the younger version of gamora that they stole from 2014 who are still dealing with the father issues that they have after avengers end game with thanos early on in the first guardians movie they give you a hint of rocket's secret back story in the lineup they tease half world where he came from that's where he was experimented on and forcibly evolved into his current state in the comics you don't really see much from the people who genetically altered all the animals there but there are alot of other different types of talking animals who can walk around like humans i know there's a lot of rumors about them doing the lila character who's sort of his romantic interest from the comics but if the guardians franchise is all about dealing with traumatic experiences in bad marvel dads the whole idea of guardians 3 is that rocket deals with his own version of a bad dad.
3. I know there's been a lot of rumors about him possibly dying after james gunn made a bunch of posts about death being an important part of dramatic story arcs in all movies they kill at least one coreteam member in all the guardians movies groot sacrificed himself in the first movie yondu died in the second movie so if someone has to die in the third movie it might be rocket finally doing the selfless thing and sacrificing him self to save all of his friends that he spends so much time cursing yondu kind of took him to task about that during guardians 2 telling him he understood why he's being such an ass to everyone because i used to bejust like you, (I know them scientists what made you never gave a rat's ass about you.)
2. The next big easter egg james gunn revealed is actually a retcon easter egg not something he initially planned on putting into the movie at least intentionally sometimes fans will see some connections or something in the background that the director didn't remember riding into the movie initially but subconsciously there is some easter egg there that they acknowledge after the fact so this past weekend a fan on twitter asked him about his youngson's fan theory that baby groot was eating candy in this scene using the pot that rocket had put him in when he was still a twig the dancing baby groot meme from the end of the first movie james gunn admitted that he didn't think of that when they were making guardians 2.
But he liked it so much in the connection that he made it canon on the spot so now it's officially an easter egg in the movie stuff like this happens all the time one of the most famous examples is spider-man and iron man 2. 
The exact same situation happened with the fantheory that tom holland and kevin feige were talking about during the press tour for spider-man homecoming a couple years ago tom holland really liked the theory that this young kid in the iron man mask was actually peter parker who had just happened to be visiting the stark expowhich was located in queens the borough of new york city where he lives with aunt may fun fact also at this time uncle ben would have still been alive even though we don't know what he looks like in the mcu a lot of fan theories about that now that we have spider verse that sony is working ona lot of people hoping that to by maguire might wind up being the uncle ben of the mcu if sam raimi is making doctor strange 2 multiverse of madness maybe he can do us a solid and canonize that but kevin beige liked the iron man spider-man idea so much that he canonized it on the spot. 
So even though john favreau who made the film didn't plan on it that way when they were making iron man 2 now it's canon in actuality the actor playing that little kid in the mask was also john favreau's son in real life at the time he put his son in the movie twice because the kid in the mask shows up at the beginning of the movie too there have been all of vin diesel'scomments about the alpha version of groot during guardians 3 that's just the next evolution of groot obviously he'steenage group during avengers end game he was baby group before that so he just implied that he'll slowly grow up into his most evolved form by the end of these character arcs james gunn tried to down play it a little bit i think just to try and avoid spoilers because he wasn't expecting vin diesel to give this way in an interview that happened a little while ago when hewas doing interviews for bloodshot just trying to hype people up for guardians 3. 
Because he's so pumped up himself groot is another one of those characters that i'm hoping will come back in future marvel movies but that just depends on vin diesel signing a new contract with marvel but because it's a voice over role it's not quite as demanding as a physical on-screen performance but now that they're doing the fully grown alpha version of groot in the new movies maybe they will put vin diesel back in amocap suit they did a little bit of that during the first movie because it was the bigger version of groot and vin diesel even came to the premiere wearing groot stilts like this.
1.The final new easter egg is actually another big one james gunn revealed while he was busy canonizing the groot easter egg this one is even cooler because he revealed the bigger secret that the post-credit scene of stan lee's cameo with the watchers was itself influenced by the fans of the earlier marvel movies but it's not a retro active easter egg this is something that he intentionally wrote into the movie and filmed this way so in the stanley cameo scenes with the watchers he's explaining all of his cameo scenes in the events of the other marvel movies. 
So fara lot of people wondered if he was a watcher himself in the movie he's officially credited as an agent of the watchers so you could think of him as acosmic figure but that means that stan lee in real life or a person who looks like stan lee works with the watchers in the marvel universe tasked with observing the events of all the movies but that's not the end of it on the surface that was just a really cool easter egg that tied together all of his cameo scenes everybody loved it every one was going crazy about it after the movie came out but the bigger secret is that james gunn revealed. 
He only wrote it that way be cause of fan theories that stan lee was playing the same character in all of his cameo scenes so stan lee being part of the watchers started out as a fan thing that then became official canon to the mcu still probably one of the coolest easter eggs in any marvel movie so far the fact that stan lee himself is the same character in all these different movies obviously they're never going to replace stan lee and they're not going to try to replace him but if they do start giving someone special cameo scenes in multiple different movies let me know in the comments who do you want that to be right now black widow is still currently supposed to come out in november falcon and winter soldier and one division episodes are still supposed tobe released later this year. 
There is some big stuff to look forward to and there is comic con happening this month and next month between marvel and dc marvel hasn't officially announced what their marvel phase 4 comic con panel is going to be or if they're going to do their own separate thing separate from comic-con.  
thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe i'll see you guys next amazing article!

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