Every caste and country in the world has its own customs, which that caste and has People have to follow. By following those customs well the person. Many types of social customs are also prevalent in India. These customs. Periodic thinkers of society are practiced by leaders. But over time, The beauty grows and blasphemy for not doing or not doing well.

There are many types of evils in them. The dowry system is also one such custom. Thus, this practice of dowry became a curse for the girl child. Of this As a result, at some places, people were born for some time as soon as the girl was born in the house. Used to give Although today the parents' state of mind is changed and not as cruel; Qin It is still so important that half the quarter of the happiness that occurs in the birth of a son at home Does not occur at birth.

The birth of a daughter is still considered unwanted and people like her We only accept with the help of Poor girl's father-girl started worrying since birth, cutting her stomach He started collecting money so that he could give dowry. Capitalists, big officials, ministers and smugglers for lakhs of rupees By giving dowry, the applause started looting and it became difficult for the innocent people to live.

Although often each couple has both a son and a daughter. Thus every man There is also a boy and a badi. But like when his daughter gets married He has a state of mind, unlike the son at the time of marriage. Girl wedding At the time, people think that we also get a boy full of all qualities and something in the name of dowry Don't even ask for it.

Conversely, when they are as boys, they want the girl Recover all that from the person till date on its upbringing, education and employment Has been spent In some places, there is a demand for more than this. The result is that the boy asks for a dowry, the girl is fed up. if any If she had many girls, she is alive and alive.

The poor person takes a loan, which he lifts all his life lives. Many people sell houses or live. Now the time has come for us to put an end to the demon like dowry. It has thousands of houses Have ruined, made millions of girls cry and made crores of people dishonest.

If If the dowry system is eradicated, then bribery, adulteration, underestimate, concealment of goods, burglary, robbery Initial sins will disappear. If young men and young women pledge and pledge to marry without dowry, then . Our society can get rid of this demonic practice immediately.

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