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How to Choose a Best Laptop In Budget ?

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Ways to Select A good Laptop

 So guys in today's video we'll discuss such a topic which I was frequently asked about. No, I'm not using FL. So today's video topic is which is the best laptop for music production in 2020. I've divided today's video into 2 sections and that is, first of all, we'll see what is the difference between a PC and a Laptop. So we'll get to know in which we should invest and why. And in the second section, we'll discuss some configurations which you'll need if you want to produce music, in which things you have to concentrate 0:01:28.405,0:01:30.865while you purchase any laptop. So first of all if we talk about PC Vs Laptop, the first main point indifference is PC will occupy a lot of space plus it is very heavy. If we talk about the laptop, the laptop's main benefit is it is portable. Besides this, there is another advantage with the laptop. You can charge it and use it later but PC requires constant power and in case if you live in such a place where there are chances of frequent power cuts, then you'll need an inverter or UPS and they have to be heavy so that it can give a backup to your system. After that I'm pretty sure, you must be thinking a laptop is better than a PC. But there are some points because of which your PC will be a better option for music production. PC is better because of a simple reason which is, it is easily customizable which means you can change its processor, you can upgrade its RAM very easily. Because most of the laptops don't allow this and even if they allow, it causes enough problems. Besides this, you have many options for display in a laptop.

Think About It before Buying laptop
. I'm pretty sure you must have seen screen size is quite small. I'm pretty sure most of you must be thinking that we can attach an external display too. But again it comes with an extra cost. Whereas if we talk about PC, we can take big screen size and you can customize with it and if I talk about the third point, why PC is better, it's simple reason is performance. So your overall performance, heating issues, and all these things, PC handle them in a better way rather than a laptop. These issues are very common in laptops and might create a problem in long term. So my advice is that even if you have a little tech knowledge, then watch some videos on YouTube and customize your system by yourself. And if you have zero knowledge, then I would suggest you take an assembled PC. That is a very safe option. And if you need portability at any cost and if you feel you have to constantly travel with your system, then definitely your only option is the laptop. And what if I need both performance and portability? So see, for that, you'll need to take a high-end laptop which can be very costly. Is the gaming laptop ok? Bro nothing can be better than this but there is a point where your costing will increase and that is a graphics card. The Graphics card in your gaming laptop will be very advanced and its costing is high too. Whereas for music production a decent graphic card will work too. Bro no tension. I have 3 from start. Ahh? 3 gaming laptops? What for?
 Bro, I have a habit of gaming also. Amazing bro! Why don't you open a YouTube channel? Nowadays people are earning from gaming streams. Bro your idea is not bad, so whoever is watching this video, suggest a name for my gaming channel in the comments section. Yeah, correct. So along with this, if we talk about configuration, there are 3 important things which you have to keep in mind when you purchase a laptop for music production. The first thing is the CPU. So see, CPU is useful when you are using live instruments and synthesizers. Because it'll give real-time load on your system so it is necessary to have a very strong CPU. If I talk about versions, then the 7th generation's CPU is very good. We must have come across two terms, one is gigahertz and the other is core. So always remember, it is very important to have a high score rather than gigahertz. If you have to choose one among these both, then definitely go with maximum cores.

Avoid all your confusion before buying Laptop
There might be another confusion among AMD and Intel. So I prefer Intel because it has good stability in drivers. Whereas AMD's feedback is no doubt very fast compared to Intel but it has some compatibility issues plus few problems arise with its thunderbolt connections as well. Along with this if we talk about a second point, the second point is the memory which we call it RAM as well. So RAM is useful whenever you are using samples and stuff, whenever you feel your work is mixing heavy and mastering heavy or if you use a lot of samples, then you need a RAM and again if you use synths or live instruments where you need real-time processing, there you need a CPU. So for RAM, I'll suggest a minimum of 8GB RAM is a must because it can be expanded later. So in case if you have a little budget, then what you can do is, you can give priority to your CPU because upgrading a CPU will be very costly whereas RAM can be increased slowly. Along with this if we talk about the third point, so the third important point is storage. So in storage, we have two options SSD and HDD. SSD  So what is the difference between these both? I'll not go into technical differences. But if we have to discuss on the surface level, SSD is 16 times faster than HDD.
So many of you must be thinking to take SSD but the problem is or I can tell that it's a bit costly. So in case you have a budget, I would strongly suggest you take SSD because your performance will be very good with SSD and your systems will not face lagging issues. If we talk about storage amount, 500GB SSD is more than enough and along with this, you can buy a hard disk in which you can store your sample packs, plugin setups, etc. If you feel your work towards music production is very heavy, if you have to download synthesizers and large plugins, then for that you'll at least need 1TB storage because recently, there was a plugin which almost occupied 500GB in the system, besides that little storage has to be given to the system and software by which you hardly have space. If you have the budget, if you have to use heavy synths, if you have to use heavy plugins, then you should at least have 1TB storage. If I talk about companies whose performance is pretty good in India, whose customer service is good and their product's quality is good too, they are HP, Asus, and Dell. 

So always remember one thing, you'll see, there will be a price difference in the same featured laptops. So what difference does price difference make? Lesser the price, the lower the quality of your components, and customer support. Besides this, try not to purchase Chinese products, Chinese laptops because technically we all know the problem with them and politically we know many reasons as well. Bro but you forgot telling one thing. What? If Windows has these many benefits, then why did you buy two MACs? Because I can. And also tell me what is my share in royalty. 



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