Top 7 natural world wonders

1) Iguaza falls:

                          It consists of 275 waterfalls. It is situated in South America. Its 80% part is in Argentina and 20% part is in Brazil. It crosses border of these two countries. 

    The average height of waterfalls on Iguaza falls is 64 meter. Its highest waterfall is 82 meter high. And lowest height of waterfall is 59 meter high. Iguaza falls divide the river Uazo into two parts,upper Uazo river and lower Uazo river. 

         It is world's most beautiful tourist attraction and it is a great tourist point. A large number of tourists visit it every year. 

2) Antelope Canyon:  

                          It is situated in South West of America on Nuachu land. Nuachu land means "a place where water passes into the rocks". It was opened for tourist in 1911. It is famous due to two picturesque


a) Its ways of rocks is equal to earth level. So visitors do not have to jump or climb to pass through it. 

b). Sunlight passes through slits of rocks,which gives a marvelous view to visitors. It passes like waves and give attractive view.


  3).Great barrier reef:

                      It is situated on the coast of Australia. It is 2600 kilometres long chain of rocks. It is famous due to its coral. Coral is famous stone which is used for different purposes. According to an Australian expert 2900 rock chains are connected to these rocks. There are uncountable beaches on great barrier reef,but white heaven beach is most beautiful as compared to all beaches. In 2008 this beach was declared clearest beach of world. Peoples are refrained to bring their dogs there. Smoking is restricted here. If you smoke here you,may imprisoned or punished severely.

  4) Algar de Benagil: 

                                    It is a village of Portugal. Till 19th century it was livingness of some of some fisherman. But now it is a great tourist point. Merana beach is famous beach of Algarde Benagil. 

 Due to its attraction to visitors Algarde Benagil plays a key role in holding economy of Portugal.

   5)Plitvice lakes: 

                                These lakes are situated in Croatia. These lakes are spread over the area of 295 km2. These are 16 in number. Twelve lakes are on height and 4 and in depth. These lakes look like stairs. These lakes are called "national park of Croatia. These were discovered in 1949. 


                                     It is situated in Ireland. Its height is 65m and its important thing is that people can go behind this beautiful scene and they can see this beautiful natural scene. To view it behind has its own taste to visitors. In winter its way become very difficult and it is hard to visit it.

   In this waterfall water comes from volcano glacier when ice melts. 

   7). Palawan:  

                        It is situated in Philippine in its region Memaropa. It is a province of Philippine. It is world's fifth island. It is spread over 12188km2. According to CNT report it was most beautiful island of the world in 2016. 

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