Top 10 highest mountains of world

1) Mount Everest: Mount Everest is situated in Nepal, in native language it is called Sagarmatha and in Tibetan language it is called Chomolungma. It is situated between Nepal and Tibet border. It lies on Hamalayan mountain chain. Its height is 8,848m and it is world number 1 Mount. According to modern science theories it was formed by force generated by Indian and Eurasian plates when they were collided. Due to this force a rocks gathered and formed a world's number 1 mount. Mount Everest is still growing a quarter inch each year. A land seyvayer General sir Everest founded its exact location and prepared its map, owing to this reason it is called Mount Everest. It was first claimed in 1953. At the height of 29,035 its air pressure becomes one_third which is equal pressure of sea level. At this pressure it becomes difficult to breathe for human and becomes difficult to climb. If climbers climb without oxygen providing tools they may face pulmonary edema, cerebral edema and blood embolism. So climbing without instruments and proper knowledge may prove dangerous for climbers. 2) K2: K2 is also called Qogir and Feng in Chinese language. It is also called Godwin Austen mountain. It is second peak of world. Its height is 282510feet and 8611 meter. It is located in Karakorum range. It is partly lies in China, Kashmir range within Uyger,an independent region of China. It was discovered by Col T.G Montogomerie, servey in China. It is second peak measured in Karakorum range, owing to this reason it is called K2. Anglo Swiss made first attempt to climb on it but he could only ascend to 18600 feet and failed. Second unsuccessful attempt was made in 1909, by Luigi Amedo. In 1939 an American Charles Houston reached about 27500 feet and failed. Finally in 1954 an Italian expedition consisting of 5 scientists, an geologist Ardito Pesio as leader, a doctor, a photographer and 12 other reached at top of K2. They reached on top at 6 pm on 1954. 3). Mount Kangchenjunga: It is also spelled as Khichinjunga. In Nepali laungauge it is called Khumbhkaran lungur. It is third most heighest mountain of world. Its height is 28,169 feet or 8,586 meter. It lies on eastern Hamalayas on the border between Sikkim state, northeastern India and eastern Nepal. It is main part of Himalayas range. It is composed of the rocks of Neoproterozoic. It is 455 millions to 1 billion year old. Mountain and its glaciers receives heavy snowfall in summer and lighter snowfall in winter. The word Kanchenjunga is derived from four words of Tibetan language which are: Kang_Chen_Dzo_Nga which mean that "treasuries of snow". Briton Ginette Harrison was first women who climbed on the top of mountain in 1938. Pierre Bengin was first man who ascended on top without supplementary of oxygen in 1983. 4) Lhotse: It is South peak of Tibet. It is also called E1. It lies on Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet (independent region of China). Its height is 27,940 feet or 85,61 meters. It is fourth tallest peak of world. It lies on South of mount Everest. Some times it is considered as part of mount Everest. Its name E1 is derived from Everest 1. Its way is stony. So it is very difficult to climb on it. At first several unsuccessful attempts were made to climb on it. Finally it was first ascended by two Swiss travelers Fritz Luchsinger and Ernest Reiss in 1956. 5) Mount Makalu: It is world's fifth most largest mountain. Its height is eight thousand four hundred and sixty four(8,462). In this region the weather conditions are very severe cold. It is located at 20 km away from mount Everest in Makalu Barun national park. It is one of most difficult mountain to climb because of its steeps plans and stony paths. It is very difficult to climb on it. Many climbers died while climbing on it. Finally It was first ascended by French team in leadership of Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy. They ascended on top of Makalu on may 15,1955. They climbed it from north face of Makalu. 6) Mount Cho Oyu: Cho Oyu means "Turquoise Goddess or "the goddess of Turquoise owing to its colours in setting sun. It is situated in Nepal and Tibet. It is situated at some dozens kilometres to mount Everest so it is also called mount Everest's neighbor. It is sixth highest mountain of world. Its height is 8,201 metres. Its path is very easy to climb. It was first ascended in 1954. It gives a marvelous view on its top. It is itself broad plateau which offers stunning view of mountains on its top. It gives view to Great mountains such as Mount Lhotse, Mount Nuptse or Mourn Everest. 7) Mount Dhaulagiri: It is situated in Nepal and Dhaulagiri range. It is Sanskrit word which means; " White beautiful mountain". It is seventh highest mountain of world. Its height is 26,250 feet. It was discovered in 1808. Several attempts were made to reach Dhaulagiri's summit between 1950 to 1960 by Swiss, French and Austrian climbers. Each attempt was through north side of mountain and each was failed due to lack of geographical knowledge. Finally in 1960, a successful ascend was made by Austrian team led by Max Eiselin. They made this attempt through northeast side of mountain. 8). Mount Manaslu: It is eight highest mountain of world. Its height is 26,759 feet or 8156 metres. Mount Manaslu is located in Minsiri Himal section of Hamalayan. In Nepali language Manaslu means that "mount of spirits". In Tibetan language its name is "Kutang" which means that "flat place". In east of this mountain Ganesh Himal and Gorge of Burhi Gandak are situated, Annapurna massif is situated on the west of this mountain. In South of this mountain fissures of Marysyangdi Kola and Gorkha are situated. In 1950, H.W Tillman European expeditor failed to climb on Manaslu. It was remained unascended till 1956. Finally, Toshio Lmanishi with Sherpa Gyaltsen Norbu reached on the top of this mountain on 9 May 1956. In 1991, trekking in circuit was allowed by Nepali government. Manaslu trek circuit starts at Arughat bazaar and ends at Besisahar. 9) Nanga purnat: Nanga perbut is also called Diamir. It is ninth most high mountain of world. Its height is 26,660 feet or 8,126 metres. It is situated in western Hamalayas. In southwest of Nanga Perbut Astor is situated. Its north sides drops at 23000 feet or 7000 metres to Indus River. Nanga Perbut derived from Kashmiri word " Nanga prevata" which means naked mountain. Diamer means "king of mountains". Its weather conditions are very severe. British climber Albert attempted to climb on Nanga Perbut in 1895 but he died due to severe weather conditions. 30 more climbers were died in effort if reaching to top of Nanga Perbut due to severe weather conditions. Finally in 1953 an Austrian climber reached to top of Nanga Perbut. 10) Mount Annapurna: It is situated in Hamalayas in North Central Nepal. Annapurna contains four peaks which are: A). Annapurna 1 : its height is 26545 feets. B). Annapurna 2: Its height is 26040 feets or 8091 metres. C). Annapurna 3: its height is 24786 feets or 8081 metres. D): Annapurna 4: Its height is 24688 feets. Annapurna 1 is highest of these four peaks and it is world's 10 most highest world peak of world. It was ascended 30 may 1955 by French expedition led by Maurice Herzog and Louis Reache.

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