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First of all thanks to USCITY for supporting all of it`s members by providing a space to submit articles by means they can earn decent amount of money with their hard work from home online. I would like to thanks those who are submitting their unique articles here and trying to create an online identity.

I like to help those people who are trying to publish articles here but their articles are not published due to any reason or they have not enough time to write articles for submission. I will write minimum 200 words articles for them at a cheapest price of Rs. 10 each within 24 hours of time. I will deliver articles with one non copyrighted image in their WhatsApp number. Interested people may contact by clicking my WhatsApp link here : Click me

Anyone interested have to pay first before article delivery via PayTm. After payment article will be delivered within 24 hours to his WhatsApp number with one non copyrighted image related to the article. You may request the topic to write an article about otherwise topic will be selected randomly. You may request more than one article per day but one article will be given in one day.

Please contact me via WhatsApp if you need articles to be written. Thank you. 

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