Importance of parents during exams time

Family is the strongest support for any student and it Exam preparation time matters more. this Life would be very important for the students and the whole family is. Your support, your encouragement is a magic wand for children.


Importance of parents



At the time of examination, the mind of children is light and happy Try so that they are stress-free and happy environment Mapakshi Desfen. You are your child's best guide. You are the one Bo knows him most closely and well. you I have seen him grow up every second before his eyes. 

Expectations More than you accept that will shape his life is. The burden of expectations is heavier than the school bag, the child It is not appropriate to press under the box. 

Ask yourself, shall we Are you not putting the burden of our impractical expectations on children? Many times parents express their wishes by their children Want to complete Laughing aside Childhood is sacrificed, then the other child gets its full A parent's allotment to see her blooming with aura And contentment dies. Children's dreams, desires and Ambitions can be different from their parents. 



Importance of parents

Accept it And help your children fulfill their dreams. Parents provide their child with good school, comfortable life Want to give everything good. But a best gift which You can give your child, that is - with courage with challenges Spirit to face It allows children to do something new and different Will inspire for In this book also, 

I gave my young friends, To get out of the convenient environment and experience new ones Have tried to inspire. Safe lifestyle slowly mind And the ability to make effort by making both bodies weak She does it by eating. Challenges, determination and determination in personality She brings. 

I know that nowadays there is a pull of time and At the time of examination it increases even more but for the children Spend some quality time. Positive and cheerful Moments spent with children play a big role in the environment. © Give full importance to children and listen.

 Who didn't listen in childhood Bata, they grow up and never listen to anyone. After the board examinations, There is time to choose subjects, colleges and universities. There are many new areas, lots of opportunities, to give your child his Help make decisions based on choice and abilities.

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