Myth about the new car insurance

Buy car insurance through the dealership.
REAL: Most people think that when you buy a new car, you have to buy insurance from the dealership. But you never know how dishonest they could just sell a lot of new things.
Buying car insurance is vital, but not necessarily by the dealership. It is recommended that you take extracts from other sources and compare them with those of the distributor.


I get the best auto insurance quotes from my dealership.
FACT: Your insurance agent sells new cars. It's not car insurance! It may be partial in your view to release the insurer with whom you have a bond or who pays you the higher commission. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the insurance company in particular can be the most efficient and reliable in terms of service it offers, especially the record-setting claim. Claim settlement relationships, supplements and many other factors must be considered before choosing your insurer. This requires research.

The first appointment the dealer gave me is the best appointment I can give.
Really: The first one can always seem exciting. After all, it's the first time you choose him. But, you could do much better than that. With a little bit of extra research, you will realize that the first quote is generally much higher than the market rates. Compare online car insurance to get better quotes.

You need all the accessories the distributor recommends.
REAL: The add-ons you want to buy depend solely on your requirements. To get better commissions, your dealer may be tempted to promote add-ons you may not need. Just get the basics that are necessary for you. If this is a new driver, the zero cover is useful.

My dealership gives me a free car insurance quote / Re.1. It can't be better than that.
REALITY: Insurance no longer exists! IRDA has previously approved all discounts that distributors, insurers and agents can transfer to customers before they go to market. Choose at your own discretion, instead of hunting for silly shapes. If your dealer tells you that you are giving something away for free, you may charge insurance at a different fee.

Buying insurance through a dealership can give me gifts like free car wash or free service.
REAL: No gift can justify the right insurance policy for your new car! You should provide value-added services, such as free laundry, free service, etc., whether or not you buy car insurance. Don't let gifts attract you to buy a policy.

I am only entitled to benefits such as cashless claims, speedy inquiries, etc., only if I buy my insurance from my car dealer.
REAL: Not buying insurance from your distributor can still make you eligible for cashless claims settlement, quick inquiries, use of genuine spare parts, quality assurance and other benefits. After all, these benefits are offered by the insurance company and not by the dealership.

Benefits of Coverfox
Lower premiums and discounts: Coverfox acts as a bridge between our customers looking for car insurance policies and insurance companies. We allow our customers to take advantage of attractive discounts from insurance companies on their own loss premiums (ODs), rates vary depending on car model and RTO.

100% Free Claims Support: Our dedicated team of trusted claims specialists are experts in helping you resolve claims at no cost. We are available on request and through the door service.

Quick 3 Day Claims: Offered in selected cities, claims resolved and auto repair guaranteed in just 3 days.

Expert guidance: Coverfox offers impartial advice on the best car insurance policy that best suits your unique needs. We also guide you through a quick and simple car insurance renewal.

After-sales Instructions: our services are not limited to buying a car insurance policy. Do you have questions about certain terms and conditions in the policy document? Do you want to cancel a policy during the review period? We are only one call away.

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