Magic Wood From Borneo, Best For Cancer

Surprising findings about the benefits of good roots that are effective in treating breast cancer are still a topic of discussion in Indonesian society. Many people who join hunting for the roots of medicine for business or business.The discovery of the roots of this wood is the result of research conducted by three students of SMAN 2 Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. The students' research results were also included in an international research competition in South Korea that was bearing a gold medal.
The tampala pirate plant (Spatholobus Littoralis Hassk) is a vines with a height of up to 50 meters. This plant usually propagates on wood trees from the Phaseoleae tribe.The leaves of the bajakah tampala plant have yellow, white and brown colors, with sharp shapes. While the flowers are purple, white and pink with small shapes.

Reportedly, people around the forests of Central Kalimantan consider this plant with a variety of things that are mystical. Including the use of pirated wood to ward off the disturbance of spirits.

The benefits of wholesome roots were revealed after the herbal tea was made by the students. This plant actually has also been known as an herbal plant that has long been used by the community, especially for treating wounds, dysentery and relieving body aches. The uproar of these findings led to a number of further studies of the content of the roots of the wood of the rose. The result, this plant is rich in antioxidants. Even these antioxidant levels are thousands of times compared to other cancer herbs. Laboratory tests also found several important ingredients of this herb, such as tannin, steroids, saponins, phenolics, terpenoids and alkonoids. In fact, there are also pirated root pitu gimia cell compounds that function as anti-cancer.
Benefits of Bajakah Roots in addition to Cancer

The findings of these students encourage various groups to conduct laboratory tests on this herbal plant. The following are various benefits of the root of piracy other than cancer, although it needs further clinical trials.
Cure Wounds

Traditional societies have used pirated wood to stop bleeding wounds. From the research also found that the stem content of the tampala is rich in flavonoid, phenolic, tannin and saponin compounds that are angiogenesis.
Improve body immunity

In addition to being effective in overcoming cancer, the benefits of wholesome roots are also efficacious in increasing immunity and endurance. High levels of antioxidants are very useful to ward off free radicals and protect the body.
Smooth Skin and Anti-Aging

The content of flavonoid compounds, phenolics, tannins and saponins in the root of an errant root is also efficacious in smoothing the skin. This compound serves to encourage the growth of collagen which is important to tighten facial skin and dispel premature aging.
How to consume wood

This appalling finding also encouraged many people to find out how to consume wood that is erroneous. To get the benefits of this single, single root, it is only part of the root.

For how to process and consume this herb, the root of the root must first be dried by being dried in the sun. It may take several days for this herb to become completely dry.

To produce optimal benefits of the root of the root, the processing must be chopped or sliced ​​into small pieces and mashed to powder. Smooth it can be crushed manually or with a blender.

This is the root powder which is then brewed with hot water. The dose, 1 gram of the root of the virtuous dissolved in 500 ml of water. This clear, brown-colored root of the teak root water is taken daily.

That is a number of benefits of wholesome root for health, especially in treating breast cancer. Indonesia is indeed rich in herbal plants which need to be explored even more.


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