The process through which needs,wants and desires of consumers are satisfied is known as marketing. Products matching the demands of the consumers are made by the business. Services matching the requirements of consumers are provided by the business. A businessmen can achieve the goal of profit maximization by satisfying the desires of consumers. Customer is the king of the market. First step in marketing is conducting research of market. Consumer's wants are find out by taking consumer survey . Consumer's demand can also be find out by talking to the retailers. Analysis of the purchases made by the consumers is done. The second step of marketing is to design the product according to the expectations of the consumers. The third step of marketing is to produce the product. The product is manufactured in the factories. The fourth step of marketing is distribution of goods through the medium of wholesalers, retailers and direct selling. The fifth step of marketing is advertisement and sales promotion. The advertisement can be given through the medium of newspapers and telivision. The advertisement can be done through the medium of internet using digital marketing. The last stage of marketing is after sales service. Consumer can use after sales service for getting his product repaired. Marketing begins with finding the desires of customers and ends with fulfilling the desires of consumer. All the processes of marketing revolve around the customer. 

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