Mukesh Ambani's wealth is 4.43 lakh crore more than the total wealth of Pakistan's top 10 rich.

The total wealth of Pakistan's top-10 rich is 1.98 lakh crore, Mukesh Ambani's wealth is 6.41 lakh crore in front of him.

7 times the wealth of India's top-10 rich compared to Pakistan's top-10 rich

Despite the impact of this epidemic, Mukesh Ambani's wealth has been increasing for the last 4 months. And the whole world has been ranked at number 4 on the list of top 10 rich people this Saturday. $ 54.15 more than Pakistan's top 10 richest wealth. All 10 Pakistani rich have assets of $ 26.55. While Ambani has assets of $ 80.7 billion.

The richest man of the 9th order of India more than the richest man of Pakistan.

Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group, is the 9th richest man in India. According to Forbes, his net worth is $ 8.5 Billion. While the richest man in Pakistan is Shaheed Khan, who is doing automobile business in America. His net worth is $ 8.3 Billion. This means that the richest person of the 9th order of India is more than the richest person in Pakistan.

India's top-10 richest human beings.

Mukesh Ambani ($ 80.7 Billion)

Shiv Nadar ($ 17.4 Billion)

Radhakrishna Damani (15.3 Billion dollars)

Gautam Adani (13 Billion dollars)

Cyrus Poonawala ($ 11.8 Billion)

Uday Kotak (11.3 Billion dollars)

Sunil Mittal ($ 9.5 Billion)

Dilip Sanghvi (8.8 Billion dollars)

Kumar Mangalam Birla ($ 8.5 Billion)

Azeem Premji (6.6 Billion dollars)


10 richest human beings of Pakistan.

Shaheed Khan (8.3 Billion dollars)

Anwar Parvez (4.6 Billion Dollars)

Sadruddin Haswani ($ 3.4 Billion)

Mayan Mansha ($ 2.7 Billion)

Asif Ali ($ 1.8 Billion )

Owner Riaz ($ 1.5 Billion)

Nawaz Sharif (1.4 Billion dollars)

Nasir Scon (1 Billion dollar)

Rafiq M Habib (0.95 Billion dollars)

Tariq Segol (0.90 Billion dollars)

A difference of 156.35 Billion dollars between the 10 rich of India and Pakistan.

On the other hand, the top 10 wealthiest of India have assets worth $ 183 Billion . While the 10 rich of Pakistan have 26.55 Billion dollars. Given this, there is a difference of 156.35 Billion dollars between the two countries.


Former Prime Minister and former President were also included in this list.

Pakistan also has former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Asif Ali. Nawaz Sharif has a steel business and his net worth is 1.4 billion dollars. Similarly, Asif Ali's assets related to the sugar business are $ 1.8 Billion .

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