3 Online Jobs to Earn 20$ in an hour in 2020

1.Data Entry Clerks

There are numerous jobs for data entry clerks online on many websites. For instance, freelancer.com, upwork.com and guru.com. Sign up to these websites and bid for a data Entry job.

Average pay $25

No of jobs by 2020 868,035

Projected growth by 2025 21%


2. Article writing as a freelancer

There are numerous jobs on freelancer sites such as freelancer, Upwork and fiverr to write articles


Once you sign up to these sites make your work stand out. Create a great profile and make sure to bid for article writing gigs.


Average pay $22

No of jobs by 2020 878,035

Projected growth by 2025 27%


3. Blog site optimization and development.

Are you good in website design and development. If you are you cannot run out of jobs posted on online platforms and groups on social media about how to monetize a blog.


For instance getting a blog approved for Adsense.


Average pay $50

No of jobs by 2020 668,765

Projected growth by 2025 34%


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