How To Send Messages To A Blocked Whatsapp Contact

Hello Visitors, today I’m with How To Send Messages To A Blocked Whatsapp Contact. Here you will get that how you can easily send a message to a blocked WhatsApp contact.

Now in today’s era, Whatsapp is a very vast level means of communication for a large population of our world. It is the world’s most popular messenger. Whatsapp replaced Stander Text Message that is simply called SMS to Online Messaging that is a very and instant means of messaging. It also added many extra features like multimedia, video, audio, and sticker messages. We can also send documents such as Word, PDF and many more.

Whatsapp has totally replaced phone calls with online calling and in general Whatsapp Calling. We can also see the Daily Profile that is simply called DP and status of our Whatsapp Contacts. The next amazing feature of Whatsapp is that if we don’t want to talk to someone or someone is irritating then we can also block that contact and after that, we will not get the latest update from that contact.

Block Feature of Whatsapp also helps us to delete all the messages of that contact at a once. But if we block someone then that person can never know that the contact has been blocked by the first person. Whatsapp never gives a notification to other people. But the following are some indications by which you can know that if you are blocked or not.

How To Know If You Are Blocked Or Not?

Here is some indication by which you can easily know that someone has blocked you or not.

  • You can’t see the blocker’s DP.
  • We are unable to see the last online status of the person who has blocked you.
  • You can’t call that person on Whatsapp.
  • Your message will not be delivered to that person.

These are some indications by which you can easily check that you are blocked by someone or not. Now we will see that How To Send Messages To A Blocked Whatsapp Contact.

#1 Trick

The first trick to send messages to a blocked Whatsapp Contact is that create a group and add the contact of the person who has blocked you. You can also give this small work to your friend and say him to add your contact and that personal contact. And when you send a message in that group then that message will also be sent to that person.

*  That Person= The person who has blocked you.

#2 Trick

Second is that and got to Whatsapp setting and open account option. Then Select Delete my account option. After that uninstall Whatsapp from your device and restart your phone. After starting your phone re-install Whatsapp on your phone from Google Play Store.  Next login with the same number that you have logged in before. But don’t try to restore your data. Now your number will be unblocked and you can frequently send messages to anyone.

When you delete your account and re-install your account, you can start using Whatsapp messenger from the start. The disadvantage of deleting Whatsapp account is that it will kick out you from all the groups that you have earlier joined.

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