The Story Of a Farmer

The life of a farmer is very simple and simple. He worked hard in his fields Is and lives life by eating dry and dry. My name is Ramu and I am an Indian farmer. My village is twenty kilometers from Rampur. my There is five bighas of land nearby. I cultivate and nurture my family. my wife The name is Radha who is a straightforward domestic woman. We have three children.


 Two boys and a girl. our The whole family supports each other by working in the home and fields. I get up at five in the morning. First of all I give my bulls mash After that, I take the plow and walk towards the fields. My wife Radha Nere Ghar who is a small It is like a raw house, a ship leaves and then prepares the meat for me and brings it to the fields. Until i I keep plowing the field After breakfast, I sit in my field under a dense neem tree and have breakfast Will do. 


All day I work hard in the fields. My eyes are always waiting for the sky She is engaged The year the good monsoon arrives, my yield becomes good. Sometimes i think Is that I do not get the fruits that I work as hard as I do. Sometimes a lot of rain The crop gets destroyed and sometimes when there is no rain then it becomes drought and all the crops Burns.



 The second difficulty comes to me when the crop is ready and keeping it For I do not have a warehouse, a lot of wheat rot. Now with the construction of roads in the village, I I do the work of sending the grains to the city mandi at the earliest. My life is full of struggle. Even in the midday, rainy and cold winter of Jeth I work on my fields. I work so hard for my family even after working so hard Can not get amenities When I was little, there was no school in my village,




 So I read Could not write but now the school has opened in the village itself where all three of my children go to study. I want I want my children to do farming but in a new way by reading and writing so that they can benefit from it and they are a Live a good life To grow a good crop using new techniques. I am poor but not helpless. I have many difficulties in my life sometimes

 When I see the crop getting destroyed in front of me, the mind is left confused, but I work with courage. We All the villagers support each other in sorrow and happiness. We all live a true and simple life. I am also happy to face the crisis in my family. I am satisfied with only one thing I am giving some support in the progress of the country.

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