The trend of selfies

Selfie is the latest trend not only in teenagers but also of today's generation.Today notot only children,teenagers and adults even old people like to take selfies.Hundreds of people are risking their lives to take selfies which fetch them more 'likes' on social media.

Famous social networking platforms encourage users to take selfies.Selfie trend is used in politics and govt. campaigns too.The prime minister of India started 'A Selfie with Daughter' campaign in India,which was very successful.Even astronauts take selfies in space and it is becoming a staple dietc for marketing strategies.

When people take a selfie and post it on social media they get 'likes' and 'shares'.It makes them feel good about themselves.People who generally don't express themselves can express theor emotions through it.All in all,it can boost the confidence of such people for sometime.

Though selfies in themselves are harmless,peoples' behaviour around them and negative connotations to them.There are hundreds of reported deaths because of selfies.People go to dangerous places such as railway lines,cliffs,building tops,etc. to take a selfie which will give them more 'likes'.Sometimes  an accident happens in such places,causing death of the person taking a selfie.However,peer pressure makes teenagers and youth take risky actions. 

Is a selfie good or bad? It depends on us,how crazy we are for a selfie,how much importance we are going to give it.There is nothing bad in taking selfies but one should not allow this addiction to take control over our senses.

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