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 We all know that morning walk and physical exercise are very necessary to our health.

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            It is said that walking is a fine exercise to all healthy persons. There is a proverb that reads ,"HEALTH IS WEALTH". Aristotle says,"A SOUND MIND RESTS ON A SOUND BODY".

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          The above quotations refer to the necessity of physical exercise. And we all know that walking in the morning is a main part of physical exercise.

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            Physical exercise means free hand exercise. Walking in the morning has many advantages. In the morning the air is pure and fresh. So a morning walker enjoys pure and fresh air. It makes a man physically fit and mentally alert. He has the opportunity of seeing the rising sun. Then nature looks fresh and so beautiful.

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           It varies with age and sex . Morning walk can help us to avoid any kind of diseases. Early nature soothes our eyes and refreshes our mind. We should take physical exercise regularly to controll our health. For mornimg walk one has to rise early. Walking in the morning gives us energy and removes the inertness. When medicine can't cure a disease,exercise dot the wonders.

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           It helps to begin day's work smoothy. For more energy to work,sprit it is necessary. There is no other alternative to physical exercise by relieving monotony and tension. Therefore , we should walk in the morning.

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 ψ . The great narrator's quotations about physical exercise and morning walk.

1 .   When i first open

         my  eyes upon

     the morning meadows

       and  look out upon

      the beautiful world,

      I thank god i am alive.

                           ---- RALPH WALDO EMERSON.

2 .    An early morning walk is a

        blessin for the whole day.

                           ---- HENRY DAVID THOREAU.

3 .    Doing morning walk or exercise is more

            effective than thinking of doing it.

                            ---- SIDDHARTH SHARMA.

4 . Early morning + chirping birds + cool breeze +   morning walk  =  AWESOME BEGINNING OF DAY.

                          ---- TIKI

5 .              Happiness is

   foggy morning walk with your love.

                         ---- SOUMYA MITRA .



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