Wcc3 review

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 This game is a new game, it has also been launched

 We have some merits and some shortcomings, we will discuss about them today.

 Number 1, the best thing you can find in this is English commentary along with Hindi commentary was also provided.

 Aakash Chopra with Hindi commentary and Matthew Hayden are adorning this game with the same English commentary, in this you will see better camera angles and how you can bat in it and you have also been provided good facilities in bowling and this thing  Highlight has also been done so that you people will get about 50000 points after creating an account in it, so that you get double points if you win with whom you can play the match, if you lose, then you have so many coins from your account  This feature is cut every single game, there is no new work in it.

 You can play 2 overs 5 overs 10 overs 20 overs and 50 overs by yourself

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