What is Cryptocurrencies?

Hey Guys welcome to my blog. In this blog I am going to tell you. What is Cryptocurrency? 

Who founded Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency because it is easy to transfer money by Cryptocurrencies. 

Now ,Who founded Cryptocurrency? 

Satoshi Nakamoto founded Cryptocurrency and he is also the founder of first blockchain Bitcoin. Now days the value Cryptocurrency is increasing day by day .As more and more people are taking intrest in Cryptocurrencies and making huge profit.

I will also teach you how You can make huge profit in Cryptocurrencies but in next blog. 

Some Famous Cryptocurrencies







And many more . 

Now another question How to earn Cryptocurrencies? 


You can earn Cryptocurrencies by two methods. 

1- By investing

2- By free mining

Now 1st method -You can earn Cryptocurrencies by investing on Cryptocurrencies mining websites in which you have to invest some amount of money 

Now 2nd method- You can earn Cryptocurrencies by free mining websites but it will take much time. 


I hope that you have liked my blog and understood. What is Cryptocurrencies?

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And many more in next blog be safe during this tough 

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