what is love

Hello Guys here I am going to tell what I think what Love is.

Love is just a feeling. it can be felt for any anyone in any relation whether it is parents relation, brother and sister relation or it is girlfriend and boyfriend relation, but here we are going to talk about girlfriend and boyfriend love.

Lets firstly talk how anybody comes to know that he/she is in love with someone. there are too many signs of someone falling in love to realise. one of them the most important sign is, if you start caring someone, you can't he/she in trouble, and you make he/she's trouble yours, then its the time to understand that you are in love.

second, how you can understand that you are in love. if you get in problem by seeing him/her with someone and you feel jealous then you are in love

what are the things important in love realtion?

you should take care of him/her more than yourself. you should give importance to you partener more than anybody in the world to make you love deeper. anyhow if you partener gets hurt by you, you never get failed to say sorry immidiately

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