How to viral YouTube video best trick

way to viral YouTube video

New YouTuber have faced many problems like views not coming on YouTube videos , Not increasing the number of subscribers, people dislike video , etc are so many problems YouTuber face. They actually struggle for views and subscribe. The main reason for this problem is People didn't know you  , people did not know about you. Then you will try your 100% but you Will not get success, Views and subscribe. 


 1)   Choose the topic that you can properly explain about that . When you have a topic then it's very simple to make a video about that topic. But, when you haven't selected a topic the people will skip videos. Always Try to Give your best in video. Also remember that you should not change the topic of the video in video it will have a bad effect on the audience .


2) Always write a 50-60 words description telling about your video. And use the more & more main keyword of your video . Use your focus keyword minimum 10-15 times in the description box.


3) Give tags related to the topic of YouTube video. Tags must be given as related to the keyword in the title of the YouTube video. For tag research on YouTube , Type the topic of the YouTube video on keywords. In the suggestions of search there are many suggestions of people who search. That's the best way to tag research.

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